When is the best time to purchase an antique or classic automobile?

Thinking about purchasing an antique or classic automobile? There are a few things you might want to consider, like when is the best time of year to purchase one. There are actually two periods which you should consider, one is late October to January. The second is from late March to early April. Some think the best time to buy is in late fall, the reasons being that the vehicle is at least 20 years old and most antique and classic cars do not fare well in inclement weather conditions during the winter months. This results in the need to store and winterize the vehicle, usually from December to March. The sellers are beginning the process of putting the vehicles in storage and then having them winterized which can be a rather large expense. The fact being if they do not want to have this added expense they might be willing to negotiate or lower the asking price of their vehicle. Second is that many owners want the extra cash to purchase another vehicle to also take advantage of the lower prices.

The second time of year for buyers to purchase an antique or classic automobile is late March to early April. Why you ask? The biggest reason being is that this is the season that most of us in the United States dread. It is Tax Season. Many collectors are looking for a quick deal to give them the extra funds perhaps to settle the taxes that they owe the government. Bottom line is that this period just before the taxes are due on April 15 it is a great time for you to purchase an antique or classic car. To discover more information on buying an antique or classic car, please visit our Classic Car Resource Guide. Once again my friends, Happy Motoring…

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