Classic Car Resources

As the old saying goes, “Knowledge is Power.” To get the most value for your classic automobile purchase or sale, you need as much information as possible. During transactions, you need to be informed about every aspect of the classic car user experience, including what is out there, how much your Model A is worth, Model A car financing and insurance, and transporting a classic Model A Ford.

There are many resources out there, and to keep you as informed as possible, we have compiled our favorites to guide you through your classic car consumer experience.

Classic Car Appraisals and Inspections

Wondering how much your Model A Ford is worth? Whether you are selling or buying a classic car, it is vitally important to understand the right asking price. Classic car appraisals look into the vehicle history and current condition to help you find the answer. For example, many companies will conduct test-drives and a comprehensive visual inspections including photos and extensive notes on the condition and worth of the vehicle. Our guide has some tips and companies that you can trust with an appraisal of your classic car.

Classic Car Insurance

Some antique Model A automobiles can cost a pretty penny. And in the case of an emergency, you should be covered financially. Consumers can actually save by signing up for special classic car insurance instead of their standard plans. Because insurance providers realize that your Model A car is your baby, they know you treat it well. You rack up fewer miles, get it regularly checked and store it in a garage. Further, antique autos actually increase in value over time. Thus classic car insurance tends to be cheaper. That said, there could be some restrictions on how you maintain your vehicle. See our insurance resources for more information.

Classic Car Financing

As mentioned above, classic cars can be expensive. Not everyone can afford to purchase one outright. Thus many owners choose to finance their Model A automobiles either taking out a loan or choosing to lease their vehicle. Loans vary based on down payments, interest rates, and duration.

Classic Car Transport

Finally, after you have appraised, purchased, insured, and/or financed your classic car, you will want to get it home! Sometimes rare, Model A automobiles can be located all the way across the country. It is important to choose a transport company that specializes in classic cars to get your baby home quickly and safely.

Need more information about buying or selling your Model A Ford? Check out our blog or contact us and let us know what classic car resources you would like to see here.


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