Classic Car Appraisals and Inspections

Classic Model A Fords are beautiful, elegant pieces of machinery. To some they hold sentimental value. To others, they represent an investment. But for whatever reason you are buying or selling a Model A, you will want to know its true value and worth. Classic car appraisals tell you precisely that.

Buying a Classic Car

Imagine the following scenario: you attend a car show or private auction and see an A that you really like. But you are not sure if it is worth the asking price. When you receive an appraisal, you are done conjecturing. Based on an expert’s opinion on the exact value of the car you can make an informed decision. This applies especially if you find that special Model A on the other side of the country. Rather than just trusting the asking price, it is better to get a second opinion. Further, classic car appraisals are extremely useful for insurance purposes. If it does not have all of the necessary information, your insurance company might undervalue your car and thus not provide all of the support you deserve in case of emergency. The bottom line is that it is important to find out the true value when buying a classic car!

Selling a Classic Car

The same thing goes for a seller. Before putting it up for sale, owners can discover the fair market price of their vehicle. Then when marketing it, they know exactly how to price their classic car and can prove its value to buyers by showing them the appraisal.

Here is a group of trusted companies that will tell you how much your classic car is worth.

Road-Ready Certified

Road-Ready Certified provides pre-purchase and pre-sale inspections for buyers and sellers of classic cars as well as certification for sellers. No matter the location nationwide, they offer one flat rate for their services. Inspections include test-drive, complete visual examination, photos and notes.


NADA Guides supplies comprehensive vehicle history reports using AutoCheck. This gives buyers and sellers of classic cars as much information as possible on prior accidents, title brands, or faulty odometer readings.

Auto Appraisal Network

The Auto Appraisal Network joins together appraisal providers from all across the country from Oregon to Massachusetts. This allows clients to find an appraisal in their neighborhood or city rather than searching for one out of state. Using market research and the latest software technology, they specialize in price valuations for custom and collector cars.

If you would like your company listed in our Everyday Classic Car Appraisal & Inspection Resource Guide, please contact us.

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