Resources to Transport a Classic Car

You have purchased your dream ride: a Model A Ford. Unfortunately, it is all the way across the country. How do you get it home? Driving it all the way can be a waste of both time and money. Instead, you will want to entrust your new ride to someone you know and trust. Classic cars often have their own unique shipping needs, so it is important to find a company that specializes in antique car transport. Here is a rundown of how to transport a classic car.

Prepare Your Classic Car Beforehand

There are a few steps to take before you actually ship your car:

  • Log any pre-existing injury to the vehicle such as scratches, chips, or dents
  • Fully wash both the inside and outside
  • Take pictures of the outside of the car from many angles
  • Remove any personal items
  • Check that the battery is charged, tires are inflated and tank is more than half empty
  • Arrange the car for loading by folding back the mirrors, turn off the alarm, and draw in the antenna

Secure Transport Methods

Every carrier has their own style in transporting classic cars. One highly recommended way to ship your car is closed transport. Normal transport allows the trailer to remain open to the elements of the great outdoors, leaving it vulnerable to wear and tear. In contrast, enclosed transport stores your during shipping with several layers of covering to give it the most protection possible. It safeguards your classic car from wind, rain, dirt, and debris. Thus it is ideal for Model A’s.

Also several companies suggest alternative transport methods to keep your car safe. Some avoid stacking cars because when cars are piled one on top of the other, oil can drip down and damage the ones below. Others use soft tie-downs to avoid scratches.

Classic Car Transport Carriers

There are several reliable companies that will quickly and safely transport your classic car across the country. Here are four good examples:

United Routes

Offering both open and enclosed transport, United Routes takes advantage of its network of over 15,000 certified carriers to provide door-to-door service to its valued customers.


Supplying expedited auto transport service, Montway gives trustworthy and dependable auto transport service. On their site they deliver free instant quotes based on its shipping calculator.

Reliable Carriers

What started with a single tractor trailer has since become a large transportation company. These transport professionals can safely ship your classic car across the country.

Passport Transport

Passport Transport has shipped thousands of classic cars from door-to-door. They take pride in their professional service and keeping your precious cargo secure.

If you would like your company listed our Everyday Classic Car Transporter Resource Guide, please contact us.